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Apex Certified Professional Public Accountant

Welcome to T.J.A. Certified Public Accountant, PLLC, a trusted Apex Certified Public Accountant that provides a full range of services.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is focused on providing our clients with the high-caliber accounting services that they need to protect and optimize their hard-earned money.

Too often, individuals and businesses do not efficiently leverage the available deductions, credits and other legal avenues in which to minimize tax liabilities. With TJACPA as your professional CPA in Apex NC, you can stop giving Uncle Sam a free loan and instead put your money to good use.

A trusted, proven Certified Public Accountant in Apex NC

TJACPA works with a wide range of clients, all of which can benefit from a savvy Apex professional CPA in their corner. This includes:

  • Existing businesses: Your business can start optimizing its revenue and operating at peak financial performance with the help of our Apex Certified Public Accountant staff. We work tirelessly to give your business a financial edge through sound accounting practices.
  • New businesses: If you’re forming a new business, make sure it’s on solid financial footing. TJACPA specializes in new business formation, working with companies that are just getting off the ground so that we can help them grow the smart way.
  • Individuals: Our team takes the same approach when we’re working with business executives and individuals. As your professional CPA in Apex NC, we can help with personal tax planning and preparation so that you can proactively address future financial needs and never have to suffer through unwanted financial surprises.

At TJACPA, we’re confident that you will find our team to be responsive to your needs and incredibly skilled at what we do. Not only do we have a mastery over federal tax codes, but we stay current on the many changes so that we’re able to provide the most effective accounting service possible.

Learn more about what we can offer as your Apex Certified Public Accountant by scheduling a consultation with the TJACPA team right now.

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